Summer Special Needs Enrichment Programs for Children and Adults

Everyone should have the opportunity to participate in a summer enrichment program and experience the great outdoors. DSRC is proud to sponsor the programs since 2021. The programs include: the young special needs youth age 5-13+ to Blooming Meadows; Greener Pastures for young women ages 13-26; and Open Fields for young men ages 12-20. The programs are for Bay County youth and young adults with special needs and will include daily socialization, arts & crafts, music, recreation, and physical fitness. Participants will also be enrolled in the Bay County Library System Summer Reading Program. Completion and submission of a Pre-Admission Form is required by May 31 each year. Each applicant MUST be able to respond positively to directions given to them by someone other than a family member. Once accepted into the program, a Registration Form, Medical Release/Health Examination Form, Liability Waiver, Media Release and a Covid Waiver Form will be emailed to you for completion. NOTE: The Health Examination portion must be completed by a physician BEFORE attending the program. All these forms must be completed and returned with the participation fee of $525 (anticipated cost for 2023) in full no later than June 15th each year. One idea to help raise funds for participation in SSNEPs is soliciting funds from family, friends and neighbors through the I CAN Drive for DSRC.

Scholarships for Non-DSRC Sponsored Camps

DSRC campership scholarships will be for children and adults to attend educational and recreational camps of their choice throughout the state of Michigan that are NOT DSRC sponsored programs. Contact Donna at DSRC to apply for such funds for the non-DSRC sponsored camps. Each camp experience is unique to each participant. Some camps simply allow the campers to play and spend time with others who have similar challenges. Other camps teach the campers fishing, archery, basketball, and arts & crafts. Imagine sleeping in a cabin for the first time or strolling along a woodland path. The experience at camp gives each camper a time to grow, experience new people in their lives, and ultimately develop life skills. In addition to helping the campers, the camping experience also benefits the families of campers, providing a much-needed respite. Scholarships are based on the financial need of the family. A financial statement and an application for financial assistance must be completed and returned to DSRC prior to attending the non-DSRC camps. Please contact our office and ask to speak with Donna to answer any questions or have an application mailed to you. You may mail the application to our agency, email it to or send it by fax to 989-895-3917. DSRC will from $100-$300 toward the camp cost for one session per year. The family is responsible for the rest of the camp fee. Scholarships are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Here is the letter explaining the campership program and the camp financial aid application for 2022. Updated information for 2023 will be added as soon as it becomes available.