Ramp Building

DSRC recognizes that ramps are necessary for wheelchair users to access their homes with steps or steep door thresholds, and for accessing vehicles. Many people with disabilities use wheelchairs to compensate for their mobility impairments, but full accessibility requires a wheelchair ramp. Ramps are the gateway necessary for individuals with disabilities to have access to their communities to improve their quality of life.

Accessible Ramp Building is a year-round program with emphasis on one ramp build by DSRC volunteers in summer and a build by Nexteer in the fall. These campaigns bring professional contractors together with community volunteers to construct up to 10 ramps in a single day. All constructed ramps are professionally built, measured and designed. At the completion of each ramp build, an inspector approves the ramp assuring that each ramp meets all requirements of the township, city and ADA codes.

Our ramp building program is one of a kind in our area. But we cannot do it without constant community support. We continue to look for volunteer building teams and contractors to donate their time for ramp construction.

Materials and building the ramps to meet ADA codes can be very costly. Each year we build and repair up to 10 ramps and the need continues. Since DSRC receives a lot of requests for ramp building assistance, our ramps are built on a first come, first served basis. We openly seek collaborations and network within the community to help keep costs down, maintain high standards and enhance accessibility to all.

Our Accessible Ramp Building is a program only for Bay County residents and is provided at little or no cost to the homeowner/family. A doctor’s prescription is required for the ramp. 

If you are in need of a ramp for your home, please complete DSRC’s ramp application and deliver, fax or mail it to our agency. If you live in the City of Bay City, there will be additional financial criteria due to federal requirements.

Required documents:
Application for a Wheelchair Ramp Fillable
Release of liability-homeowner FILLABLE

Fax or email to:
1820 North Trumbull Drive
Bay City, Michigan 48708
Fax: 989-895-3917
Questions, call: 989-895-5444